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Hiring requirements
Topnotch Placements understands that hiring requirements of start-ups are distinctly different from those of established organizations. Topnotch offers the following services to start-ups
State of the art hiring solutions
Topnotch can provide customized state of the art staffing solutions for start-ups, who are on on a tight budget and are looking for well qualified candidates.
Marketing Services
Start-ups face certain constraints such as low visibility and a yet to be established brand name in the market. This makes hiring technically qualified professionals more difficult. Topnotch can help start-ups work around these constraints and find the right candidates for the job.
We at Topnotch Placements value our business relationships and keep looking for better ways of serving?our esteemed customers.?In continuation to the?current?service offerings we have added training as a new product line in our range of services.
  • We are glad to bring to you the following:
  • The Sales force training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Outdoor training
We have a range of experienced trainers and?will be glad to do an “Overview presentation of our Products”
Policies are necessary to provide a broad framework from the organizations perspective to give guidelines to employees to know and define the sphere of operation. They include
  • History of the organization: this is essential for employees to know the roots of the organization so there is a strong connect of the employee with the organization
  • Vision/ Mission and Values that the organization stands for: Vision and Mission clearly lets employees know where the organization is headed and is futuristic.
  • Values defines what the DNA of the organization is
  • Orgonaogramme: Who’s who in the organization
  • Office Timings
  • Travel Policy: Domestic and International Define limits of lodging/fooding, travel, local conveyance. Per day allowance
  • Deputation
  • Leave
  • Incentive
  • Disciplinary Procedures
Performance Management Systems
Employees need to have clear KPIs and Competencies that are well defined for them to operate as well as to progress ahead.
What we can offer you is the complete spectrum from initiation of
  • Appraisal Design
  • Definition of Competencies as per level ( Competency is the latent potential that needs to be defined at every level in the organization)
  • Design of Appraisal Forms as per the requirement of the client
  • Workshop Content for PMS
  • Schedules for running the workshops
  • Actual running of the workshops
Employee Engagement
  • Design of Training Programs
  • Design of fun calendar