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Our Clients receive personalized service from our Consultants who are clued on to their respective Industry and the latest buzz there-in.?Our consultants keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, the companies in those Industries and the personnel there-in. This approach leads us to get you the top performers for your companies.

Our Processes for Candidate assessment are the key to refer the most appropriate candidates for your Company.?Expertise in our industry practices allows for professional assessment, comparisons among top candidates as well as discrete reference checking.

Our consultants approach each executive search assignment with a consistent, time-tested, five-step process, derived from experienced recruiting
Step 1: Ascertain and finalise Specifications
  • Ensure understanding of client's business and the specific requirements
  • Obtain client consensus on position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and profile of the desired executive
  • Develop the search plan
  • Review and get feedback on the search plan with client
Step 2: Identify and Evaluate Candidates
  • Identify and confirm target sources using proprietary database and network of contacts
  • Follow a maker checker concept so that each assignment is executed by a team
  • Screen and evaluate candidates including personal face-to-face interviews wherever applicable
  • Narrow list of candidates
  • Prepare background profiles
  • Send profiles to client
  • Feedback from client
Step 3: Interviews
  • Facilitate client interviews of candidate
  • Obtain feedback from client and candidate
  • Conduct reference checks if required
  • Select finalists to be interviewed
  • Feedback from client and candidates
Step 4: Select Executive
  • Conduct finalist interviews
  • Negotiate salary and benefits
  • Feedback
Step 4: Select Executive
  • Ensure smooth transition and assimilation for executive
  • Ensure client satisfaction