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HR Process Offshore Outsourcing or more commonly known as RPO entails “outsourcing of select tasks within the Recruitment process” to an offshore service provider.
Recruitment firms, Head Hunters and HR Teams could outsource the back-end activities in their Recruitment Process. These activities could be Web Research, Resume screening and other internet based activities. Outsourcing these activities, enables Recruiter's to devote more time to more value adding activities such as interacting with Candidates and Hiring Manager
Benefits of outsourcing to Topnotch such activities would include:
    • Offering a much higher level of customer service by freeing up more of a Recruiters time enabling them to focus on interaction with candidates and hiring managers.
    • Tapping into Topnotch’s resources and tools resulting in an increase in your candidate sourcing capabilities.
    • Augment your customer handling capacity thereby increasing the clientele and hence increasing revenue.
    • Reduction of more than 60%-70% in costs of researchers and the cost of infrastructure and other overheads
    • Manage spurts and troughs in business more economically and efficiently without building up permanent overheads
    • Provide a virtual 24x7 service to clients taking advantage of time zones
CV Screening
Recruiters are often inundated by CV / Resume response when advertising on Job Boards.
According to industry statistics, as many as 90% of all CVs / Resumes received by Recruiters are unsuitable for the advertised vacancy. Clearly, screening CV's / Resume's costs the recruiter a lot of time when their focus should be on core Recruitment activities.

When outsourcing your CV / Resume Screening, a specialist Researcher with specific sector experience will read each CV / Resume to evaluate relevance to the job specification. From basic sorting through to detailed pre-screening including; online application forms, questionnaires & tests, Topnotch can organise candidates CV's / Resume's in relation to key criteria or can rank them in order of merit.

Outsourcing your CV / Resume-screening requirements to Topnotch means that we create the short-lists so you can concentrate on doing what's important- managing the right candidate for the right job.

By breaking up the Recruitment Process into various activities, one can identify the activities that provide outsourcing benefits.

The next step would be to get into a detailed Service Level Agreement(SLA) which would detail out the Operational Level Activities from the client side and SLAs from Topnotch’s side. The typical parameters would be as follows:
  • Requirements Specification Analysis – Onsite Client
  • Research, Resume Search and Candidate Identification –Topnotch.
  • Candidate Submittal and Feedback Gathering from Onsite Client - Topnotch
  • Candidate interaction(in case it is offshore) – Onsite Client
  • Ongoing Optimization – Joint – Onsite Client and Topnotch
Requirements Specification Analysis:
  • Evaluate the customer’s position profile
  • Work with the customer to better clarify the requirements of the position
  • Gather sample resumes (if available) of on- and off-target candidates
  • Determine the resources to use and suggested search techniques to find appropriate candidates
  • Submit a set of instructions to Top Notch Placements for each daily search, complete with feedback from the last set of results
Research, Resume Search and Candidate Identification –Topnotch.
TopNotch Placements will:
  • Be responsible for pulling names, email addresses, resumes/profiles and other information on target candidates from resume databases, open web searches, passive candidate databases and other innovative search techniques
  • Reporting in templated format in addition to sending resumes or profiles gathered
  • Send each day’s research to Onsite local Sourcing Consultant for review and refinement
  • Carry out additional tasks as requested by Onsite local Sourcing Consultant, which may include deeper candidate or company research and profiling or initial candidate outreach
Candidate Submittal and Feedback Gathering
Onsite Client’s local Sourcing Consultant will:
  • Be responsible for submitting candidate information to customers
  • Gather feedback on each day’s submittals from the customer if possible
Ongoing Optimization
Onsite Client’s local Sourcing Consultant will:
  • Refine the sourcing strategy on a daily basis and work with TopNotch Placements to optimize sourcing efforts
  • Periodically identify additional resources that may assist in a more effective search
  • Participate in a weekly phone meeting with TopNotch Placements to evaluate results
  • Share weekly candidate submission and quality statistics with TopNotch Placements